Table Games Online and Offline

Table games are offered at all the casinos The point is that table games combine all features of gambling games and casino atmosphere. You may play different games at the table – starting from the dices and up to roulette.

As most of the casino games are played at the tables, the general distinguishing point is using of the cards. If the main game tool is cards, this game is considered to be a card game. But if the game is played at the table but with usage of other extra-tools, it belongs to the table games.

As it was mentioned before, the common feature of table games is of course the table. Casino tables usually have green layouts with table signs of different colours. These colours mean the minimum bet of the table.

Remember these colours and minimum bets before you start to choose table casino game you want to play. But the bets is not the most important thing, because the game is of primary importance. You may choose one of the following table games:

Roulette Game

Roulette is the most popular table game, which may bring you a lot of money. The main aim of the game is to guess the number of pocket into which the ball will drop. But there are also other bets, which increase your chances to win at roulette. There are two major types of roulette table layout, which affect the game greatly.

Use roulette tips in order to have more chances for winning.

  • Roulette game has three main variations and two layouts.
  • Roulette game has three main variations and two layouts.
  • Roulette game has three main variations and two layouts.

Money wheel

Most of the gamblers are sure, that money wheel is the easiest casino table tame with the easies rules. The main idea of this game is to guess the winning number. You just need to place your bet at the casino table layout and to wait until the wheel is spinning. The game resembles roulette, but it is much easier. The payout of the game is impressive – money wheel pays 47:1. It is a pure game of chance, so it you want to try out you luck – play money wheel.

  • Money wheel is a game of pure chance
  • Big 6 Money Wheel is one of the most popular money wheel games in the US
  • The main tools of the money wheel are table and spinning wheel.


Craps is very simple and exciting casino table game, which main tool is dices. Craps are very popular in Las Vegas casinos, because they guarantee fast result of the game. In this game the player bets on the outcome of the game, which is the number of dices he throws. Also game offers a possibility to bet against other players or casino. The table of craps game is marked with different bets possibilities, so you do not need to think about variants of wager – just choose one and make your bet.

  • Each of the bets (and dice rolling results) have its own name
  • Craps came from Old English hazard game
  • Craps principle lies into the theory of event probabilities.

Pai Gow

Pai Gow is one of the oldest gambling games. It was developed many centuries ago in China, but now it is popular all over the world. It is played with 32 dominoes against the dealer. There are 16 pairs of tiles, 11 of them are identical, but the other 5 are different in appearance, but still similar at the value. The aim of the Pai Gow game is to get four tiles into two hands, one of the hand must be low, the other – high. But for winning both of the hand values must be higher, than dealers’. This games pays 19:20.

  • Pai Gow has 32000 hand possibilities
  • Pai Gow takes its origin at the times of Song Dynasty
  • In order to increase odds in this game, it is better to use the Denenberg Strategy

Tai Sai

Tai Sai, or as it is also may be called Sic Bo, is another popular Chinese gambling game. The main tool of this game is three pairs of dices, which are placed at the tumbler. In order to win player must predict combinations of the dices. It seems to be a difficult game, but in fact, there are bets which will help you to choose the possible variant of bet.

  • English variations of the games are grand hazard and chuck-a-luck
  • Tai Sai tables have minimum and maximum bets
  • The other names of Tai Sai are Sic Bo, Dai Si, Big and Small, Hi-Lo.