Understanding Match Bonus and Deposit Bonus

When one puts the money into the account, or how it is also called makes a deposit, it is possible to get special Match bonuses or Deposit bonuses. The casino will match they money you have deposited with certain percentage and offer you a bonus. The match casino bonuses are usually given to the new players who make their first deposit at that casino. Certainly, those bonuses are meant to attract new customers to the casinos.

It’s not difficult to understand how the match casino bonuses are calculated: it’s simply a certain percentage of the total deposit amount, which is added to your account. In many online casinos match casino bonuses are also known as signup bonus or deposit bonus. They encourage new players to visit and join them. The match casino bonuses might be in the range from 50% to 500%. Some casinos may even offer you 1000% as a bonus. For example, if one deposits 100$into the account, then –

  • match bonus would give the player $150 to play with.
  • match bonus means that you’ll have $ 200 on your account.

It is rather simple for understanding. Probably the most important (and for some people the most intriguing) thing is to find the casino which allows to get a big some of deposit bonuses with very high matches. Some of the casinos allow to get up to $10,000, but this sum is usually divided into some parts, so you have no possibility to get all this money at once. You should always keep in mind the following things concerning casino bonuses:

  • Before joining the casino, you should read all about the terms and conditions on which these bonuses are provided to the player.
  • Mostly, if one wants to be eligible for these bonuses, he/she should make a minimal deposit, which is defined by the every casino separately.
  • One should realize that the match casino bonuses are offered as a signup bonus as a strong incentive for players to stick with this exact casino. And in order to get the bigger bonus, one has to make a bigger deposit.

Before making such a decision, one should surf the internet for the best offers, and read all about the agreement very attentively, to avoid, any kind of misunderstandings and disappointments.