How to Avoid Rogue Casinos

When online casinos have been introduced to the business industry, some people have decided that it’s a great way to make quick and easy money by investing almost nothing. And that is the main reason why do the rogue casinos exist. Players should know about such online casinos, if they want to save their nerves and money. As, indeed, there’re such casinos which don’t pay you the legitimate winnings, steal the content form another websites or sometimes there’re situations when the game doesn’t correspond to the rules in the description box, and the results of such game are unexpected for the player. Also, there’re some casinos which may provide player with corrupted software or have the bad security system, which may lead to the loss of your personal data.

In order to keep players informed about the unfaithful casinos there’re many special websites, which update the information all the time, and collect the customers warnings regarding different online casinos. So if you aren’t willing to become a victim of such a casino, it is better to check the online casino black-lists from time to time.

Tips to Avoid Rogue Casinos

Here’re some tips on how to avoid rogue casinos:

  • First of all, you have to check the website very attentively and study all the provided information. If the information is fuzzy and incomprehensible, or you can clearly say that the texts have been stolen, it’s a good reason to leave the website immediately;
  • Before registering an account in the unknown casino, carefully learn all the rules and conditions, which are presented in the agreement, and if there’s something that isn’t perfectly to for you, don’t complete the application, as leaving your personal data on such a website is a risk;
  • If there’s a casino which you like, and rush into registering an account and depositing money to it, first search and read some reviews and comments about this casino, and try to find out as much information as possible about it, and then if you’re sire that everything is all right – register an account.

Here are some websites, which you can consult in order to avoid the rogue casinos:

The wizard of odds (

This website provides useful information about the rogue casinos, starting form the most recently updated. You’re able not only to get acquainted with the blacklist of the online casinos, but also to know the exact reason their ban.

Hundred percent gambling (

This website as well informs you about unfair online casinos. The author summarizes the information from different sources and then provides with most detailed list of the casinos which should be avoided and reasons to do so.

Games and Casino (

On this website one can find not only the information about black-listed casinos, but also the info about those casinos, which have been unbanned, for some reason.

Be attentive when choosing the casino and stay updated – this may not lead you to huge winnings, but this is going to keep you from being fooled.