Instant Play Casino vs Download Casino

Online casinos provide two easy ways to play the games:

  • Instant play
  • Play after downloading and installing special software.

Each of these two ways has its “pros and cons”. Which way is the most suitable for you personally? – It’s the question, which you’ll have to answer yourself. But in order to do this, you have to know the advantages and drawback of each of them.

Instant Play Pros

Instant Play version is loved by many players due to the possibilities it offers. Here’re the advantages of the instant play:

  • No need for downloading any additional software, which results in time saving;
  • You may play right away without any hesitation, as you don’t have to fill any forms;
  • You can be absolutely confident, that your personal information is safe;
  • You don’t have to pay for the software, as sometimes it is quite expensive.

Download Version Pros

On the other hand, playing with the downloaded software has its advantages as well. Some people think, that if they play download version, they only lose. But, of course, it is not true.

  • You’ll be able to get your sign up bonus;
  • You’ll be able to choose and play different games, which are available in the application;
  • You’ll have instant access to your account and your personal data, which gives you a possibility to control all your spending, and to set a certain budget for the game;
  • You’ll experience all the benefits of being an online casino member, as they always have some programs for loyal customers;
  • You’ll have more game options, as not everything can be covered with just a flash.

Of course, the choice is up to you, if the only thing you want is to practice – then you don’t have to bother about downloading this special software. But if you want to play and win real money with it, you’ll have to sign up and download this software, as it will give much wider possibilities.

Certainly, before starting the registration process and downloading the game software, it is strongly recommended to familiarize yourself with the rules, and the agreement, because once you click the “Accept” button, there will be no way back.