Learn about the online casino history of your favourite game

You can easily learn all about online casino history from its beginning to the present date.

The Beginning of the Casino Gambling

The online Casino history is considered to have started during the year 1990. After five years the first online casino game ever was introduced which surprised all the players. Internet casinos Inc is considered to be the name of the company that started online casino games. The casino history states that the initial stage the online casino started its operation from Turks and Caicos Islands.

Online Casino History

The time of online casino history would be about 22 years. Casinos are always popular among people who love to bet. But to play the game they love, one had to travel a very long distance to enjoy the game and have the joy of gambling. Hence online casino history tells that, with the advent of online casino games, people were able to enjoy the game and joy of gambling from the comfort of their home. Such features of online casino gave so much popularity among the people.

Casino and Legality

When we talk about the history of gambling, at the initial stage the online casino games had to face the threat of legal issues. Even now some countries have the online casino as illegal and hence players from such countries are not allowed over online casino games. The online casino history at the initial stage was very difficult due to all the laws that were enforced upon betting over online. Over time some countries overlooked such laws for online casino games.

During the year 1994 a new act was considered to be passed which was a great change in the casino history of online games. This law made the casino games based upon internet as well as books and sports would get the license. This license is considered as one of the most popular license among any of the games related to gambling over internet. One of the most popular companies in the online casino history is considered to be Micro gaming which is a huge company for software and games development. They provided great level services for all types of games related to online betting.

Another significant milestone in the online casino history was when the acceptance of real money was made during the year 1996.