Blackjack rules and casino movies

Casino movies are popular not only among the casino players, but among those, who have never gambled in their lives. The reason of popularity of such film lies in the fact, that much entertaining and captivating, as fantasy adventures, dramas and action movies.

Blackjack is a casino game that revolves around certain simple rules. However, gamblers seek to derive maximum returns from the money they place as bets. So, one would do well to understand the rules by watching special movies on the game. There are many casino movies on blackjack that use audio-visual medium to explain the basic rules of the game. Some movies are for advanced blackjack players. Many such movies directly relate to the game of blackjack. Many such popular casino movies are viewed all over the world. These movies are about popular casinos and their owners, and generally based on gambling and casino games. Some movies are also movies that are set in the casino environment.

Popular Blackjack Movies

“21” is the title of a popular casino movie in which six students beat casinos at blackjack. The movie shows a professor teaching these students how to play blackjack well by counting cards. Although professor actually taught mathematics, he was able to understand Blackjack rules well and helped his students win big. Of course, some students tend to be cleverer that their teachers. So what will happen, if they decide to play blackjack not following the recommendations of their mentor?

Another movie is the “Croupier” starring Clive Owen. The main role is that of a writer turned croupier. The movie shows many different aspects of life in a casino. This movie will be interesting for those, who want to know more about the other side of casino gambling namely dealer’s job.

Again, “Rain man” is one movie in which Dustin Hoffman depicts an autistic man who is great at counting cards. However, this is one movie which bucks the trend; it shows the man winning blackjack games not through sound understanding of the rules and a carefully thought-out strategy but through his phenomenal memory.

Casino-based movies and blackjack rules

Some of the movies are educational rather than mainstream films. Thus, the movie “Blackjack, Slots and Craps Winning strategies-2005” provides a basic idea of blackjack, its rules and how to play the game. However, “21” is one of few mainstream movies that revolve round the game of blackjack.