House edge or advantage is a term used by gamblers and casinos. The question is “what is House Edge” and how casino players can beat house edge or advantage to win huge. Of course, in the process, the players will obviously need to understand and apply the game rules as well. Additionally, they need to be keenly observant, intelligent and able to implement different strategies equally well.

What is House Edge?

It is well known that casinos always enjoy certain advantages by the way of certain rules for the dealers and the players. In Blackjack, for instance, the dealer has the advantage or edge because the players have to make their decisions first. If a player busts, the dealer can still play although the latter can also bust later. So the player automatically stands to lose. Some gamblers estimate this blackjack house advantage as around 8 percent. Nevertheless, professional blackjack players can lower it to the minimal level.

House Advantage at Blackjack Rules

House edge or advantage that casinos enjoy is intimately related to blackjack rules. This is because of the advantage gained by the dealer by way of keeping on one of the two card faced down and the disadvantage of the players who need to make their first moves before the dealer makes his or hers. So, it would seem as though the odds are stacked in favor of the casino in every casino game. A good player, therefore, needs to count the card well and place bets intelligently. He or she must also know how to beat the casino edge by using the blackjack rules concerning hits, stands, splits and double most efficiently. So, there is a way to beat the casino edge using basic blackjack rules after all.

How to Decrease House Edge

Players need to strategize intelligently and make use of all blackjack rules in order to win against the odds that casinos enjoy due to the house advantage. However, it is also possible to win huge amounts through continuous learning and keen observations at each and every game. Also, you must be cool-headed and be able to apply all the rules and count your cards perfectly. So, knowing what is house edge and how best to play is what counts really.