Pokies Tips

Here are several pokies tips on what you should and should not do when playing the game. Follow them and win more money today and forever!

The Dos

  • Play maximum credits whenever you can. The majority of machines tend to pay out on bigger jackpots when playing with maximum credits, so never short-change yourself and only play with one coin or two each time.
  • Search for machines in areas with more traffic. Although you might have more peace and quiet far from the crowd of the casino, you will also have peace and quiet wasting your money. See, casinos tend to place hot machines in areas with more traffic to get more interest and take full advantage of advertising the wins, so play there.
  • Choose a comfortable denomination for your level. If you have $100 for 5 hours, do not play on machines that cost $5 per credit. Make sure you choose machines that let you play maximum credits at affordable levels while letting you stretch your money out and have fun at the same time.
  • Use a slot club card for each game. Keep in mind that the more you play and the higher you bet, the quicker you will collect points to redeem free souvenirs, food, slot tournaments and hotel suites.

The Donts

  • Do not change the machines all the time. Slot machines are computerized, so their results are determined the second a player makes it spin. There is no pattern or rhythm to it that humans could use to beat slots machines, whether traditional or online; but anyway it would be useful to know how to play slot machines when you come to a casino.
  • Do not exceed your bankroll. Keep in mind to separate your entire bankroll and divide it by the amount of hours you will be playing. So, if you have $100 and wish to play for 5 hours, play $20 an hour on average.
  • Do not spin again if you have already gotten the jackpot. Doing so will only make the machine short in paying you out or your win could be completely voided. If you win huge prizes and your machine does not pay out, call your attendant for help immediately.
  • Do not use profits at the machine. A lot of players, due to reflex and fatigue, tend to keep pulling the lever or pressing the button even after getting nice profits. If you think you have won enough, take it and leave.