Casino Blackjack Secrets

Blackjack rules are simple to learn and understand. However, for perfect understanding, first, you should understand the meaning of some common casino blackjack terms. If you do, then it will be much easier for you to focus on the other game essentials.

What terms do you need to know?

Casinos use special terms which you will need to know. These terms include words like bad bills, barring, cage, chips, chasing, coloring up, comp, floor man, George, high roller, nickels, pit boss and other such words. Most of these words or casino terms are used by all casinos. For example, bad bills refers to counterfeit or fake money, baring and banning are one and same, a cage is a highly secured part of the casino and so on.

How Some Terms are Common to Blackjack and Other Games

The casino terms mentioned above are common to all games played in casinos, including Blackjack. While Blackjack does have a separate set of rules for betting and playing, these common casino words are understood and used by all Blackjack players.

For instance, whether you play Blackjack or any other casino game, you need to use chips. Chips are the pieces that are used as money at the gaming table for all the casino games. The cashier in the cage receives the money and issues the chips. The chips can be $ 25 ones which are known as quarters or $5 ones known as nickels. Or they may also be a high $500 which is termed as a Barney. Again, Blackjack being a table game, a floor man manages the game by standing behind the table and observing the game.

If you are losing games, you may want to take more risks. You then chase and invest more for trying to win. Once you chase, it means you are in problem and inviting more trouble. More trouble can mean you invest more and also lose more money. All casino games use the same system of paying money as bets, using tokens in lieu of money at the table and playing to win in similar fashion.