Know all about Casino Chips

Find all the details about available and presently used casino chips at casinos.

If you are looking for the information about Casino chips then you are at the right place. There are three different types of Casino chips available at all casinos. Though there are plenty of materials used for the manufacturing of casino chips, only three main producers who design the casino chips used in Las Vegas casinos. Their size is usually the same - they are considered to be about 1 to 1 and half inches in their diameter but the weights will be different. This is mainly because of the intensity, design and the composite of the dyes used on them.

History of Casino Chips

At the beginning of the gambling era, the chips were made of clay and were used in Las Vegas during the nineteenth century and fortunately today they are out of use. Those clay casino chips were delicate and could break easily and hence a more durable polymer which is ceramic chips has become popular in recent times. The clay chips are very durable and cannot be tampered so easily as well. The design and colors of the casino chips are always specific to the casinos where they are used. The weight will always be about ten grams.

The first casino to use clay chip is considered to be Flamingo Casino which is situated in Las Vegas. Later during the 50's period the clay casino chips were added with the designs of the house or their logos along with some type of spots or strips on the edge of the chips. Some of them are made of metal and look like coins. Nowadays most of the chips are different from each other and can be easily identified to which house they belong as they are copyrighted and safe.

Casino Chips for Home Gambling

If you are looking for some casino chips to play at home then you can find plenty of manufacturers available in the market. These chips are durable as well. Most of the home play casino chips are manufactured in Taiwan. If you check for the quality it would be almost same. You can request the buyer to provide a sample and purchase. Make sure to avoid Chinese made casino chips as they are very delicate and made of very low quality materials.