Busting the 5 Biggest Myths about Casinos

We never understand how so many people who have never been in a casino, let alone play a casino game, can believe the many myths and fallacies that are often passed off as facts.  If many cases, these myths affect game badly, and in a result player get fewer than he’s expected.  Here are 5 of the biggest casino myths that you shouldn’t believe.

Myth #1: You cannot beat the house

Commercial casinos never make losses at the end of the year – that can be a fact.  But to say that an individual cannot beat the house is not true.  Most casino games are based on chance, luck, and good calculations and memory skills, and are impossible for the house to rig.  Games such as slots, blackjack, roulette and craps are played against the house and every time someone wins, the house loses.

Myth #2: Card counting in Blackjack is illegal or cheating

If you have watched a movie featuring a blackjack gambling scene and someone is accused of cheating, it is always not because of counting cards.  Counting cards is a winning strategy in blackjack but the house has lumped card counters in one hole with cheaters for years to discourage the public from winning.  Today, counting cards in blackjack is legal, at least in legal casino games.

Myth #3: Some slot machines are fixed

Gambling is basically superstition, and for gamblers to believe that some slot machines never dispense on a Tuesday is a belief stemming from coincidental personal experiences.  There are tons of other popular superstitions such as the gambler’s fallacy that people believe in so much yet each can be proven wrong.

Myth #4: It’s only Vegas where gambling exists

There’s a sort of stereotype that “true gambling” can be done nowhere else but Vegas. There’s no doubt that Vegas is a world’s capital of online gambling. Still, there are much more spots where gambling is highly developed. In fact it is common not only to all the English-speaking world (USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom), but also to lots of Asian spots such as Singapore. For those who love land-based gambling there’s one of the planet’s largest casino resorts – Marina Bay Sands owned by Las Vegas Sands Corp. As MBS’s CEO mentioned in the interview, the resorts 2500-room hotel is always packed up, so they’re planning to increase the number of rooms shortly. Luckily for all the Singapore online gamblers, there’s not a single law in Singapore prohibiting gambling from home. The only condition that should be sticked to is to play only with casino operators located outside the Republic of Singapore. It sounds quite challenging to figure out the location of a headquarter’s office every time before you start to play in a new casino. Much easier way is just to visit a relevant site that has a full list of casinos that are worth a visit for a Singaporean player.

Myth #5: The longer you gamble, the better your luck

For some people, this is truth based on experience.  For the rest of us, every time you play a game in the casino, you spend money on a bet and the outcome will be totally independent of any previous or next bets or games.  This means your odds are no different when placing the 20th bet than it was when you placed the time.